It looks like you’re a little lost. That’s ok, poetry can do that. Maybe this will help?

Poetry-Journal.com is a digital publication by Nicole Jean Turner, and all of the written work here is her own. Photography is externally sourced here, unless otherwise noted. NicoleJeanTurner.com is more or less the ‘digital business card’ for the author’s sales & occupation. You may come across old links for NJTPoetry.com, which is just an alternate for, and the original title of Poetry-Journal.com

NJTPoetry.com started as a blog. Turner was an active member of Syracuse NY’s slam poetry community, and in 2012 social media wasn’t a big thing for poets yet, but blogs were. As Turner became less involved with slam and more with publishing, the blog became Turner’s online journal. A place to post poems that were not sent out for submission, and a place to share links to outside publications, in parallel with social media accounts @NJTPoet.

Half a decade later, in protest of the growing unpolished ‘insta-poetry’ style and the parasocial industry expectation for writers to market themselves to death as trendy relatable content creators, Turner wiped out their public @NJTPoet social media presence.

A few years later, after becoming involved with a couple non-profit community organizations for writers, Turner came to learn that the connections she forged through her poetry came from readers feeling seen, heard, and understood, not just by the explicit words but the artistic implications. The NJT was then dropped from the journal’s URL, because it’s not about the author. Poetry-Journal.com is a free digital publication of poetry and poetic storytelling. The distinctively accessible verse invites readers who may not ‘get’ poetry to reconsider that preconceived notion. An offering to find yourself between the lines.

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