view of a highway distorted through windsheild

Short Fiction – Drive Through Gods

book cover
Click the cover to download a PDF of the story.

Chuck Palahniuk’s legacy reinvention of Tom Spanbauer’s ‘Dangerous Writing’ group was initially dubbed the ‘Writing Wrong’ class at The Attic Institute of Arts and Letters. It was later restructured into ‘The Lie Factory’ at the Corporeal Writing Center, and now it takes residence somewhere in Portland, Oregon, under another name. The focus: minimalist transgressive short story writing.

This short transgresive story was written for The Attic in 2017, workshopped by members of Writing Wrong and The Lie Factory, and now lives in the pages of a thick, small-press anthology with 39 other wild stories.

Support an independent bookstore local to Portland, Oregon, and more specifically where much of the story was edited: the café of Powell’s Bookstore, by purchasing a copy of the anthology on

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