Poem Sequence – #1 New Release on Amazon

In November I was asked to write a feature set for the Portland Poet’s Society anthology, ‘You, Me, & The End Of The World’ which is now available. The chapbook-length collection of my poems tells a story in a 15 part sequence, starting on page 71. I hope you will grab a copy to support the collective and check out the other featured artists’ work.

An eclectic collection of poets from the Greater Seacoast area. An Anthology of resounding voices rising from the underground of the East Coast poetry and art scene. In this book you’ll find testaments of abstraction from the minds of young visionaries mainly in the form of free verse poetry. Their takes on heartache, heartbreak, and existentialism. Reader be warned, for this book will satiate your brain’s hunger for entertainment while simultaneously leaving you hungry for more. Mind Blown from cover to cover.

As a lyric poem is a center of intensity in a single moment in time, the sequence is a single moment in time that is an intersection of many centers of intensity.

Portland Poet’s Society is active among the Instagram poetry community, and hosts a monthly prompted contest open to all.
Check out what they do here.

Update, March 4th 2021: The book today reached #1 on Amazon’s new release list!

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