Actor Observer

I’m asked on the verge of sleep
How I could be free
From grudge or any notion short of
Forgiveness and still deny someone
Companionship, I say
There’s sharp contrast between
Welcoming and accepting change
Letting go of the past does
Not let the present keep
The same privileges once earned
A true reset levels to zero, where
Who you are now, becomes the qualifier
I am free from your illusion of grandeur
How liberating it is to
I’m asked in the depths of dreaming
What if I’m wrong again
Virtue signaling with road flares
To empty streets, I say
The book was not written strictly
For voyeur consumption, it consumes me
Every time my muscle memory
Reacts to a familiar face talking in tongues
I do not know. I often wonder if
One mind lives behind another or is it rewritten
If the body ever rests I will mourn
How long it takes for peace to come
How hard it is to

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