Vocal Scruff

After, The Blancos 1:45 *

Contrary to the typical color association,
Blues music is warm. Pure chai.
Like our last embrace,
it’s sound still around
to remind me of what I left behind,
and, I can’t find the damn words to tell you.
Lift my glass slower to sip that sensation in
and feel the distortion reach my finger tips.

Harmonicas and groans, I’m so enamored
with those moments, that month,
can still smell the pleading sunset
where I touched your head to mine
just how animals bond trust,
to say goodbye. To say you are
the stolen tee shirt blanketing me at night,
the passion scuff on my smile,
and the warmest hue of blue, is your kyanite eyes;
that made up my mind and I will dream
of seven a.m. lavender haze until that dawn

The odds are stacked
that I’ll never have you
as more than a friend again, but,
I’ll always have this new understanding,
and those late summer ciders
will always taste a little bit sweeter
with you in mind.

* Note:  a poem written after someone or something is typically done so to add another level of meaning to either the new or previous piece. It is an inspired and informed work. This particular poem was meant to be read after listening through the linked piece starting at the time notated while the music carries on behind the reader. It will hold the pace and carry the weight of the words. 

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