A passing moment of peace, a second of serendipity.
No noises, only the peepers
and a gentle pressure from the waves below our feet. Just a moment
but a matter profound enough to resonate within,
a silence so thick that it shook awake a dormant feeling at the core
our, cores.
And I told you
back home our most quiet spaces still have trains
that shake the leaves and refuse us such moments. Constant madness,
even if only in the distance. Out of reach but never out of mind.
Approaching my departure, but amidst the calmness,
wrapped around each other’s fingers
like dysphoric marionettes drunk
on the idea, temporary symbiosis,
it’s unclear which of us is the puppeteer
but it doesn’t really matter in the stillness of the lake.
Just a singular moment of serenity, you and me,
breathing in the blooming spring dusk
eyeing each other like buck and doe high
on hunter’s musk, we broke
the silence with our bodies but my mind still lingers there.
Clutching to the quiet space between your shoulders
that held me still for one fleeting moment.

The train by my house reminds me of you, and now, I appreciate its presence.

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