You Know Her?

A forlorn tang of wonder lingers on the tongue of response,how many stories has […]


how closeare you keeping to the rabid streamwaded in hip to knee,are your arms […]

NJT Poetry | Journal

find yourself between the lines
est. 2012

a rising tide lifts all

The sun came in with glabrous qualms,demanding a presence before the chilled seasons were done;it seared past the clouds, and scared off the rain;the […]

They Called Her Star Dust

I often write about people we’ve lost to make sure they aren’t forgotten. New poem published in SPLASH! Click here to read the full […]


Burning the midnight down to the sacrum, I can’t remember how it felt to create. The way the universe intended, I can not find the […]

view of a highway distorted through windsheild

Short Fiction – Drive Through Gods

Chuck Palahniuk’s legacy reinvention of Tom Spanbauer’s ‘Dangerous Writing’ group was initially dubbed the ‘Writing Wrong’ class at The Attic Institute of Arts and Letters. It […]

Bird Lady

I have absolutely lost my mind and for sure it is never coming back. This year has made a wreck of us all I’m […]


Old grief gurgling in the drainis threatening to back up if we don’t dumpsomething carcinogenic on itsome tequilais mocking usto kill three birdswith one […]

Well-Oiled Rail Wheel-set

My latest poem Well-Oiled Rail Wheel-set received the honor of being chosen for the first iteration of literary coffee mugs printed and sold by […]

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

Published today by Inscape magazine, a short bit of flash fiction horror centered around one of my favorite little conspiracies, the High Frequency Active […]

Hardcover Edition of With Only

My poetry collection, With Only Which She Could Carry, is now available in hard cover! You can get a copy of this special edition […]


My new poem Romance can be found in the charity anthology Essential from UWA. Scroll down to read it, and then please consider picking […]


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