Snow in the Forecast

the socks the hospital sent me home inare green. Google tells me that meansIndependant. […]

On Telehealth, Therapists, & God

Published today by Unstamatic Magazine, read it here. Sneak peek below, Highly reccomend trying […]

Why Don’t We Talk About It

Published in the 22nd edition of The Healing Muse, the annual journal of literary […]

Poetry | Journal

find yourself between the lines
est. 2012


They will ask why, and slowly your explanation for leaving will grow shorter, fatigued from feigning remorse, the word sorry starts to sound foreign. You’ll tell someone […]


a poem costs ~$7 dollars sometimes for a coffee sometimes for a beer but most times just to sit at a surface sturdy enough […]

You Know Her?

A forlorn tang of wonder lingers on the tongue of response,how many stories has she been diminishedfrom title to subtextjust the scrap of a […]


how closeare you keeping to the rabid streamwaded in hip to knee,are your arms out to stabilizethe current threateninglethal precedentevident in the grand jury […]

a rising tide lifts all

The sun came in with glabrous qualms,demanding a presence before the chilled seasons were done;it seared past the clouds, and scared off the rain;the […]

They Called Her Star Dust

I often write about people we’ve lost to make sure they aren’t forgotten. New poem published in SPLASH! Click here to read the full […]


Burning the midnight down to the sacrum, I can’t remember how it felt to create. The way the universe intended, I can not find the […]


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